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Patents Filed

  • Diversifying Search Results

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y01654US00 (Dec 2006)

    Ranking of web search results based on a diversifying factor in order to provide a truly unique resultset.

  • Topic-Focused Search Result Summaries

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y01681US01 (Nov 2006)

    Technique for generating search result summaries focused on user-selected topics.

  • Expanding Search Query Input Box to Support LiveSearch Interaction

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y01574US00 (Nov 2006)

    Method to support interaction in LiveSearch between user input and query suggestions using an expanding search query input box.

  • Wait Timer for Partially Formed Query

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y01575US00 (Nov 2006)

    Technique to support interaction between a client and a server in a search interface by determining a time for the client to send a partially formed search query to the server.

  • Long Suggestion UI : Displaying Items using Reduced Presentation

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y01573US00 (Sept 2006)

    Method to present query suggestion items in LiveSearch by determining a reduced presentation for query suggestions and displaying the suggestions in a limited target region.

  • Assistance Layer

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y01573US00 (May 2007)

    A search assistance module that helps users formulate and articulate their query term. It also provides functionality to filter search results based on concept subsets.

  • System and Method of Inclusion of Interactive Elements on a Search Results Page

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y02086US00 (Oct 2007)

    Method to present category based suggestions in the search results page.

  • System and Method for Inclusion of History in a Search Results Page

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y02087US00 (Sept 2007)

    A history module that displays within the search result page and allows users to save, edit and share research that they conduct within the search context. Includes storing user’s search queries and visited pages, organizing this content by research topics.

  • System and Method for Editing History in a Search Results Page

    Yahoo Patent Application: Y02088US00 (Sept 2007)

    Ability to add annotations to user’s search history items.


  • Encouraging Exploration with Elroy: A New User Experience for Web Search

    Exploratory Search Workshop, CHI 2007

    An experimental search interface called Elroy developed based on design attributes not found in conventional web search engines. Elroy has several features that encourage exploration by breaking down barriers between searching and browsing behavior.

  • A Web-based Wayfinding Tool for Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

    Master of Science Thesis, Arizona State University (Dec 2001)

    Using Kevin Lynch's concepts of urban wayfinding, this thesis created a web application that mapped landmarks and routes in a three dimensional space for the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport and used Djakstra's shortest path algorithms to compute the fastest route between landmarks and presented an animation walk-through of the route.


  • Best Overall Hack

    Yahoo Hack Day (May 2006)

    Web and mobile application to view tailored search result abstracts based on focused user-selected topics. This is especially useful in a mobile environment where user has the ability of seeing custom page abstracts based on different topics without downloading the entire page.

  • His Steve-ness Award

    Yahoo Hack Day (Sept 2006)

    Hack to port Yahoo Trip Planner itinerary to an Apple Ipod device.

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